Liverpool becomes One of the Most Success Team in 2019-2020

It has been a very long journey for Liverpool to finally dominate the Premier League chart. This is very impressive to witness The Reds to be back on top like they used to do in the past. It is very fascinating to see Liverpool is doing what they are doing now. Since the new manager signed the contract in 2015, Liverpool has come so far, especially in 2019. Jurgen Klopp is the man behind this success. A German manager that finally signed a deal with Liverpool and it is proved that they worked together really well.

His very first season with Liverpool ended up in 8th place. With his presence, Liverpool finally was qualified for the Champions League after about 3 years they have been absent from this prestigious championship. With a list of top players in the middle and the front side of the field, Jurgen believed that defense plays an important role in shaping Liverpool to be unbeatable. Since 2017, Liverpool started to sign high profile defense players such as Virgil van Dijk and Dejan Lovren. Virgin van Dijk is stated to be one of the best center-back players on the market now. These two players was proven to be the key to fix the issue with Liverpool’s defense. judi bola online di

Along with some other new members on the mid field, in 2018-2019, Liverpool started to dominate the chart. They won 6 games from their first 6 games at the Premier League. This is one of the histories written for this club. At this stage, Liverpool is on top of the chart with 22 points ahead of the 2nd place, Manchester City. They remains unbeaten yet. From 25 games that have been played, they won 24 times and only 1 draw. This is amazing how this team has performed their impressive bond and skill on each game.

Liverpool is now not just a great team in today’s history. It also becomes one of the best teams in the world’s history. There were no cheap goals that they have made this season and they remain so solid with their defense. It is reported that there was no single error has been made during their 25 games that they have played. 

Playing effective games lately has delivered Liverpool to the peak of the competition. Each game was always played well and they did not waste any opportunities. We cannot deny that Liverpool is now in their very best and consistent performance and this is brilliant! 

Some world class players even admitted that Liverpool is one of the most difficult teams to face in the Champion league. An Athletico Madrid’s player, Felix stated that Liverpool is now in its best shape which will be difficult to beat as they have a solid defense. This is one of the facts that Liverpool is not just good in Premier League but also in Champions League too where clubs from other countries are there for the competition. 

However, Ricardo Kaka doubts that Liverpool will be as good as they are now on the next season. He stated that Liverpool is very impressive as they have good coaches, good players, good tactics, and in a very good shape too. But this is probably just for one season and the next season it will not be easy to keep up with this level of performance. 

It is important for Liverpool to keep doing what they are doing now to write down a new history in the football world. Despite their poor performances a couple years ago, they have loyal supporters as typical British pride.