The Trends That Will Form Football in 2020s

Soccer has changed so many countries since decades ago. The presence has become something that unites all the world since everybody loves soccer. In this article, we will discuss the trends that will shape the football world and industry in 2020 or even in the next decade.

Bigger International Events
Soccer cannot be separated from tournaments and events. FIFA might have abandoned plans to perpetuate the 2022 World Cup in Qatar with the first 48 teams on the lineup, the U.S., Canada, and Mexico have bigger plans to make for the history.

Soccer commentators agree that a bigger event will lead to a bigger enthusiasm, even though it means that FIFA should prepare at least another one billion dollars in the bank account. FIFA also plans another expansion even though it still sounds controversial; the Club World Cup in 2021.

According to FIFA, the tournament would be the most lucrative event in the soccer world which would be worth it to squeeze another million dollars. However, we should be ready if the event would be held in countries with supported facilities, public perceptions, and enough funds to host. If the plans go as it has planned, the Club World Cup will be run in China.

More Players with Social Awareness
We cannot judge people by what we have seen. However, today many top players in the world show their social consciousness besides their on-field issues. Even though it is not the main interest of the clubs nor the sponsors, this is a positive thing, right?

Some of them have spoken up happily. Megan Rapinoe has shown and reminded other players to use their profiles with responsibility, for good. Hector Bellerin, the defender or Arsenal, had made it clear that he did not go with Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, in the late UK election. On the other hand, Mesut Ozil has expressed his concerns on how China treated Uighurs. Also, Riku Riski, a Finland player, has refused the call from his national team to play in Qatar due to “ethical reasons”. daftar agen sbobet terpercaya di

Some football players also put their concerns to boost their individual brands. For example, they go for philanthropic aspects by giving part of their earnings for charitable funds. Another important thing that we hope to be addressed is climate change.

Dominance from Big Clubs

Television revenue has been rising and it makes the international audience go up as well. It makes the game become richer than it has ever been in decades. For example, English Premier League clubs had spent over USD 630 million to make player transactions in the 2009/2010 season.

Meanwhile, the January transfer window that just opened has spent over USD 1.8 billion.

It seems like the biggest European leagues want to keep their rich reputations. However, the television revenue shows signs that they should spend more to make a higher revenue in 2020. To protect TV revenues and matchday, the people behind the idea of the European Super League discussed the appropriate format for that idea.

On the other hand, the football industry and advertisements are two things that cannot be separated nowadays. They make big money and reputation at the same time.

Better Decision Making
Compared to other sports when it comes to embracing statistical analysis, soccer is kind of slower in making informed decisions even though they have tons of benefits. Changes are going to come after all.

Some companies have planned promising strategies to create tactical and scouting decisions so everything would be more effective and efficient. Liverpool is the first poster club that uses data before heading to the decision.

The decision from the referee also seems to change in the last decade. For example, the use of VAR for the Premier League has been controversial and some people even think that it was unnecessary as well.

In the end, as the technology evolves from time to time, people who use it need to evolve as well when it comes to how to use the technology in the first place.

Player Welfare
The next trend that will shape the football world in this declaration also includes a better focus on player welfare. We all agree that the Premier League was one of the most intense yet best competitions.

During the first season, this league provided a winter break for the first time. Back then, they thought that players did not need a break. However, Christmas holidays can be a bit grueling especially with matches twice or even thrice a week not to mention the international events for the next summer.

The presence of winter break seems like the best time for players to catch their break. Also, some advancements in injury treatments would be another trend in the next decade.

There was research that a soccer player had a higher chance to die from dementia. The heading is the number one cause. It is intriguing to find out how the soccer world finds the most effective treatment to address the players’ health.

Groups of Ownership
The popularity of soccer is booming from time to time especially in the last decade. This is why some people still love to purchase a club. However, putting money on clubs is not an easy business since the money is not easy to make as well.

This is why there will be a trend called groups of clubs for the next decade. It means that the club is owned by a group of investors that also owns other clubs. The current examples are the City Football Group.

The flagship club includes Manchester City and seven other big clubs around the world. Red Bull also runs a similar thing that includes New York Red Bulls, RB Leipzig, and Red Bull Salzburg.

When business talks, owing more than one team will bring more money to their pockets. They also believe that alliances that synergize together will make a greater value combined with those who use the individual values.
Still, soccer is a challenging business especially if the main focus is on its returns, which is money. On the other hand, people will always keep trying because money and titles will bring bigger fame.